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To ensure you will have a safe and pleasant trip, all of our boats have been inspected and approved for safety by the PREFECTURA NAVAL ARGENTINA
Our Sailing ship 26feets long is very versatile and successful for sailing the rio de la plata. It has a reputation of being solidly built and very comfortable. Our Captain will inform you of all safety measures before your departure.

Always listen to our captains instructions.

No smoking is permitted!
No littering of our waters!

Never Forget:
One hand on the boat and one hand for yourself !
Always hold on!
Lifejackets Inflatable fanny packs are inside the ship. The captain will   show you the exact place.
If you cannot swim please inform our Captain.
If you would like to feel safer. please wear one of our lifejackets.
Sorry, no children under 12 will be boarding.
Loose lines (ropes)
Do not entangle yourself in any of the lines that control our sails.
While you are under sail, please stay in the cockpit.
Sun and wind exposure
Out on the open water you can get quite a burn. Please use a sun block.    Full brim hats could also be warn to protect the face from direct sun    exposure. However, reflection from the water will still poses a    significant danger and a sun block should must be used even while    wearing a hat. Make sure your hat has a strap to keep it from blowing    off your head.
Polarizing sun glasses are also important for protection of the eyes.
The wind can also give you a chill so please wear layered clothes and/or    a windbreaker. If you become a little warm you can always remove a layer.