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Summer tips:
Take lots of sun screens, Boat Shoes, WindBreaker, a Hat (with a tie) , Any special medications you may need (Please inform our Captain of any special medical conditions before our sail). Shorts.

Winter tips:
Boat Shoes, longtrousers, on cooler days layered clothing is always better than a thick jacket. You can peel away some when you feel too warm.

We are on a sailboat, so the wind can blow items overboard. Hats, unsecured clothing and even sunglass can blow right off your head. Keep all items of value in the cockpit or the cabin of the boat at all times. The wind and the sea seem to conspire to grab all they can. Once an item goes over it is impossible to retrieve it. Be prepared for a possible small spray or splash of water. Boat shoes or sneakers must be worn. They help to prevent slipping on the deck and cockpit and marring its finish.

Always bring you camera !